What is Q-Ladder?2023-02-05T20:42:54+01:00

Q-Ladder is standalone CMS Script that allows you to create online competitions in any game you like. You can easily create ladders and tournaments.

What is difference between BASIC and ADVANCED bundle?2023-02-05T20:42:37+01:00

Advanced  bundle:

  • 24/7 Support
  • Free installation support
  • ADS Free script
  • You are allowed to change design and script code

Basic bundle:

  • Limited Support
  • Free installation support
  • You are not allowed to remove ADS
  • You are allowed only to change script design
Can I request a specific script feature?2023-02-05T20:42:16+01:00

Yes you can, just open new post on our forum and explain it in details.

Can I change the design of Q-Ladder CMS?2023-02-05T20:41:57+01:00

All customers are allowed to change the design of Q-Ladder CMS no matter if you buy BASIC or ADVANCED bundle. Changing the design of script is simple and easy. Q-Ladder CMS has its own templating system and if you know basic HTML and CSS it should be an easy task for you.


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