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ARK: Survival Evolved Fear Evolved in-game event starts today
The fourth annual Fear Evolved in-game event kicks off today in ARK: Survival Evolved. The Halloween-themed event returns with DodoRex, DodoWyvern, spooky chibis, and more.
During the ARK: Fear Evolved 4 event, players get 2X experience, harvesting, taming, and breeding. In addition to many fan favorites from past Fear Evolved events, survivors will find themselves on the hunt for eleven new spooky themed chibis to add to their growing collection, seven new ghostly dinosaur skins, and more fun, including:
Author: DEMO USER | 04.06.2022 - 19:35


PaPaPawian on 04.06.2022 19:35

I like the show Monster Factory, of course thats now being done by Griffin and Justin McElroy independently of Polygon.

CroMadDog on 04.06.2022 19:35

Is this a joke? How will you get the game when you can't even get the card?

AnglePositive on 04.06.2022 19:35

He left Im pretty sure

EvilPasha on 04.06.2022 19:35

Backpack for his applesauce

Sane_on_Feathers on 04.06.2022 19:35

There is a leak that protagonist will be female which triggered a lot of capital G gamers. It isnt confirmed but would love for it to be true just to trigger those people more.

Tankelit01 on 04.06.2022 19:35

I wonder if AMD plans on rolling it out at the end of the year, AMD are known for releasing bid driver updates at the end of the year with new features, it wouldn't surprise me if this Super Resolution is one of them or it could be it's just not ready and might get rolled out early next year.





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