By: DEMO | 28.04.2018 | 1 comments
I refuse to accept the Soulcalibur/Soul Edge/Soul Blade series is now over 21-years-old, despite what Wikipedia tells me. Perhaps in two decades' time I'll have forgotten 2018 was the year the fight 'em up debuted on PC, or that in February of that year publisher Bandai Namco confirmed Ivy and Zasalamel as part of the sixth main series entry's roster.

Until then, let's have a gander at the long serving fighters' character reveal trailers. First, Zasa...
By: DEMO | 23.02.2018 | 0 comments
Warhorse Studios, maker of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, recently said it's listening to player feedback about the medieval RPG's save system and lockpicking minigame, and may be making some changes to both. In the meantime, as always, modders are on the case. One mod has already appeared to let players save the game whenever they want, and now there's a mod called Sectorial Lockpicking that makes picking locks a bit easier.

In KCD's lockpicking minigame, the lock ...
By: DEMO | 19.02.2018 | 3 comments
As we reported last month, turn-based 4X 'em up Endless Space 2 recently launched a mod competition in collaboration with ModDB. The winners are now in, and lilyophelia's Endless Romance has secured first place. 'Tis Valentine's season after all.

With mention of terrorist attacks and weaponised viruses—alongside some pretty unsettling imagery—this isn't your typical lovestruck affair, though. Endless Romance is a quest mod that adds romanceabl...
By: DEMO | 19.02.2018 | 2 comments
Bandai Namco's upcoming action-RPG Code Vein promises a distinct style, a dense world, and difficult combat--and , the publisher revealed that it'll also feature cooperative multiplayer. On Twitter, the company announced that you'll be able to explore the vampire-themed world and tackle its difficult enemies with friends. From the description, it sounds like it'll operate similarly to Dark Souls' co-op functionality.
As you explore and attempt to complete dungeon...
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