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List of changes
Past few weeks i have been working on script. Here is list of changes / updates. Latest "version" of script is currently running on our demo site:

- lost password link is now working
- recoded search page
- recoded staff page
- all images are now limited to 1 mb and .jpg format
- team logo included
- redesigned almost all pages
- improved admincp security
- fixed bugs in admincp
- fixed some spelling mistakes (i bet there is a lot more of them, cant find them all, so help Tongue)
- recoded installation process
- fixed some match related bugs
- a lot of minor things that are not visible
- security improvements of script
By the way do you have any scripts updates my version is 29/10/2014 and I want to asking a friend if he can help test it the script he running a ladder that's he done withSmile

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