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Suggestions and tournament sign up bug ?
Hey all,

I just wanted to say that I bought the script 2 years ago when it was v1.0.
I had alot of suggestions, now 2 years later I am checking back in to be amazed... ALL my suggestions are made in the script !!!..

I suggested:
A hall of fame page (its in the 1.4 script)
Catagorized ladders (Per game instead of randomly)
And much more...

This is awesome !

But can I suggest to catagorize the tournaments as well ?

Also, I am testing the 1.3 script atm... Untill now everything works alot better than 1.0 !
But when I make a tournament, I cant sign up... Ive set up the time etc properly but there is just no button to sign up.

PS: is the 1.4 script viewable on all devices ??
We are pleased that you are happy with our script progression. 1.3 Version will be available soon. We still need to implement some feautures before we will release it.

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