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Some Bugs / Questions / Suggestion
1) We have tried getting in contact with you but no replies, do you give support?
2) how to send automated email when challenging a player?
3) how to send automated email when accepting a challenge
4) can you make it easier to add members to a team?
5) How do you delete a team you have created?

if you could get back to us soon as we cant announce the launch of our website untill most of these problems are fixed,

thanks, Dave
Still looking for support, i believe my whole team has tried emailing you
Have you installed the website?

Could you PM me? or even so, add me on steam? My username is steblood
I will contact you over steam
Can you also add me: Renegade246
(02-10-2017, 07:43 AM)QUANTRIUS Wrote: I will contact you over steam

I paid how do i install
I login to this site then says I gotta login some serious issues here
[Image: th_finalsig1_zpsurqaybm4.gif]
I agree, i will check it.
Just refresh forum, then it should be ok.

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