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Q-Ladder version 1.2 changes & updates
I purchased this in good faith and hoped to get my site up and running using this script. The script will run with a very basic functionality. There are some MAJOR bugs with the current version of this script which include some missing scripts for full functionality as well as some missing _db tables. I've been in contact with Quantrius in hopes of getting these things fixed and he simply does not have the time. I contemplated filing a dispute with PayPal because this is NOT the product I expected. Instead, I have chosen to be a bit more patient and wait for an update to v1.2....

Meanwhile, I will be patching this script and adding the database entries myself to allow for full team management as was intended in the first place. Unless you are familiar with database management and php scripting I suggest you read up. If Quantrius agrees, I do not mind providing my patches once they are complete.
Sounds good.. It's not good to hear we've paid $50 - $100 for a script that does not fully function ??..

I am about to start testing phase, after just doing some design changes myself.. I'm not happy to hear this..

Yet i'm glad someones doing some patches... Please PM them to me when you're done if you don't end up posting them here!!!! :-)

P.S - what exactly doesn't function within the team management ?
I have real time job now (i am not student anymore). I am working when i have time and energy.
I will continue my work on this project

Could you please also PM me any patches you complete? I'd really appreciate it!


i buyed qladder 1.1, how can i update to 1.2?
So I assume Quantrius is up and running?
Just like to know before i buy
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Guys i am currently working on new version of script.
(03-31-2017, 04:01 PM)QUANTRIUS Wrote: Guys i am currently working on new version of script.

ok, but now i want 1.2 version. i still have 1.1a
(03-31-2017, 04:01 PM)QUANTRIUS Wrote: Guys i am currently working on new version of script.

How long will it take to get this thing going? 1 week 6 months 1 year
a ball park figure will suffice for now and admin answer your critics before they all leave
Also fix the date in these forums still says its 31st March lol
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